Ricky Season 1 Episode 4: Badass Ricky part 1

Pa starts to open his eyes noticing he is in a big fluffy room and in a straight Jacket

Pa: Where the hell am I?

Pa looks around at the room

Pa: I must be heaven!

Pa: But where's Ricky an' john?

Pa gasps

Pa: I must be the only one who made it to heaven...

All of a sudden the door opens, revealing a cop

Pa: An angel!!

Pa runs towards the cop

Cop: Get the hell away from me you lunatic!

The cop bashes Pa over the head with a nightstick, knocking him out cold

Pa awakes hearing gunfire all around him, he looks up to see Ricky wearing a rambo headband holding an Uzi gunning away at the cops while dragging pa to the pickup

John was in the back of the truck on a gatlin gun mowing down cops. Ricky got pa in the passenger seat and sat in the driver seat. Ricky put on a pair of badass shades

Pa: Ricky! You ain't drivin' my pickup! If i wasn't in a straitjacket i'd....

Ricky: Pa, sit your fatass down and enjoy the ride before ya get us killed!

Pa did without a word

Ricky floored it and action movie music started

Ricky: No farm animals in city limits, ya damned pigs

The bridge starts to open and ricky ramps it, a cop doing the same

Time slowed as the cars passed each other, the cop looked through the window and saw Ricky flicking him off

after landing the pickup ran out of gas

Pa: Damnit! Damnit! Damnit!

Cop: Come out with your hands up!

John, Pa and Ricky came out with their hands up (cept pa's in a Straightjacket)

All of a sudden a bus decked out in weapons smashed through the barricade, the door opened revealing Bobby

Bobby: Come on gang Quick!

All three get in

Pa: Bobby, you son o' a bitch were'd ya get this?

Bobby: doesn't matter right now, the cops'll be comin soon!

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