Ricky season 1 episode 3:Neighbors

Bobby is Pa's neighbor and drinking buddy their other neighbor is a rich japanese dude named Tai Piong who runs a gas station

Pa:Well bobby, the pickup's bout out of gas you wanna come

Pa:Ricky! we're going to the gas station

bobby and Pa get in the front and ricky gets in the trunk

Pa:Ricky! Get your dirty ass outta my pickup

Ricky ties rope to Pa's pickup, then to his leg and sits in a sled

Pa floors it and ricky gets scraped against the road

They arrive at the gas station

Pa:Ricky pump the gas while me and bobby pay

Ricky:Okay Pa

Bobby and Pa go in

Bobby grabs a six pack of beer

Tai:How much gas?

Pa: A gallon

Tai:That and beer is 20$

Explosion in background

Pa: Ricky!

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