Ricky is an adult cartoon about A dad and his abused son

Season 1 Episode 1 : The broken beerbottle

Pa: Ricky! Get me some Budweiser

Ricky:Okay, Pa

Ricky brings Pa beer

Pa smashes beerbottle over Ricky's head

Pa: Dammit Ricky this is a Bud Light

Ricky:M'sorry Pa! I didn't mean it Pa!

Pa:You better not have you dumb bastard

Someone knocks on door,Pa opens door

Social Worker:We heard some complaints from the neighbors

Pa:Gimme a sec

Pa closes door

Pa:Ricky! Get me my 12 gauge!

Ricky:Okay Pa!

Pa: Ricky you idiot! This is a glock!


Ricky: Aah Pa my hand! Take me to the hospital

Pa:Walk you lazy bastard!

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