Me Chinese season 1 episode 3:Rent

Pong and ping are being questioned and pong is in straight jacket

Pong:Me no tell nothing me got rights beetch

Cop 1:Just shut the hell up and tell me

Pong:Dat's what I said to yo mama last night Beetch!

Pong:Yeh I had a three some wit her and yo sister!

Cop tazes pong and both are put in cells but ping uses a file and escapes with pong

Pong to random girl on the street:Suck my Schlong beetch!

Sprays him with pepperspray

Ping:You okay man?

Pong:Oh Sheet! dat beetch just sprayed me with fucking pepperspray

Pong:Oh yeh you owe me rent

Ping:How much?


Ping:What? is a one room apartment I share with 5 other families and I only make -20$

Pong:Sucks for you!

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