Me Chinese Season 1 Episode 2: The Deal

Ping and Pong are driving downtown San Fransisco

Pong: I think we lost them

Pong:Drive to warehouse downtown

Ping and Pong drive into the warehouse and doors shut behind them and they get out

Kermit the frog sits at desk

Pong:You bring Drugs?

Kermit:Yup all of them

Pong:I give you 50$

Kermit:What? that's a Rip-off

Pong pulls out Glock

Pong:You make deal!


Pong shoots roof

Pong You make-

Police Sirens

Pong drops glock and kermit disappears into the shadows

Pong and Ping get in car

Police:We have you surrounded! come out with your hands up

Pong Floors car

Pong: See you in hell Beetches!

pong breaks down door flees

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