Me Chinese is an adult cartoon about a chinese immigrant named Ping Pong and His boss Pong Ping who is also a chinese immigrant

Season 1 Episode 1:Me no dumb

Pong:You! Stick dis cork up doggy bum


Pong:Now! Dat's 20$ out of your paycheck

Ping:Yes Sir

Ping comes back

Ping:I done sir!

Pong: You take too long! Dat's 20$ more dollars out of your paycheck!

Ping:But sir I only make 40$

Pong: Dat's 20$ more out of your paycheck

Ping:Yes sir!

Pong looks out window then tackles ping

Pong:SWAT team! dey found me


Pong pulls open a cabinet to reveal 2 AK-47s

Pong: You take one! Dey wear body armor so aim for head!

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